Toyota unveils radically different Corolla


The word “corolla,” is defined as “the petals of a flower.”

The petals are what make a flower beautiful, but that word hasn’t necessarily described the plain-but-reliable Toyota Corolla. The Corolla debuted in 1966 and has been America’s top selling compact car for years.

Toyota’s 11th generation attempt at beauty is roomier and sportier. Ironically, it looks a lot like a Honda Civic, with Subaru rims. Most noticeably, it has a prominent lower front grill and angled lines. The four-inch longer Corolla has more room in the backseat, similar to a mid-size vehicle rather than a compact car. Toyota has also improved the instrument panel and decreased road noise in the cabin. The fuel efficiency on the Eco model is said to exceed 40 mpg, although this is yet to be finalized. The Eco model not only employs a new Valvematic technology for the first time in the U.S., it employs aerodynamic features such as underbody paneling, a rear-spoiler, and special tires. The new Eco engine also brings the Corolla’s horsepower up to their Honda competitors at 140- still a little ways off from the Ford Focus with 160 hp.

Will these fancy new features scare off the loyal Corolla-ites, or is this update exactly what they are looking for? Share your thoughts below!