Field Trip: The Little Foreign Car Garage


WALTHAM — Most children get excited when they walk into a Toys R Us. I get the same feeling when I walk into any type of establishment that deals with cars or trucks. And I got that feeling last night when Blast Cars visited Little Foreign Car Garage.

LFCG is an auto shop in Waltham, Mass. that offers a myriad of automotive services, but specializes in restoration. I met John there on Thursday night to have the shop truck looked over by LFCGs owner, Ken “Skipper” Hull. Walking in, I realized that this shop is anything but “little.” I was completely amazed at the size of this place and how clean it was. But what amazed me the most was the cars that were there. Outside and inside. The sun was setting as I walked in but I was lucky enough to notice an old Trans Am, Mercedes (model unknown. From the ’50s), and an E Type Jaguar tucked away in the parking lot.

I felt as if I died and woke up in car heaven when I entered the shop. The walls are covered in all sorts of cool posters and memorabilia, and the outer perimeter of the shop is graced with cars you don’t see every day. Porsches, BMWs, and Rolls Royce are just some of the brands that are housed in this huge garage.

One car, or “almost” car, caught my eye. In the back of the shop I noticed an older Porsche that was jacked up and being worked on. I took a guess and said it was a 1956 but Skipper told me it was actually a ’64 that came from California with a LOT of rust! This model Porsche is a 356 convertible and he is giving it a COMPLETE overhaul. He actually had another 356 in the shop that is a hardtop with an optional sunroof which was very rare in its day, with only about 100 ever made.

Another car caught my eye and it turned out to be my favorite one at LFCG. A silver 1972 BMW csi. This was absolutely gorgeous, and is still very much in style. I’d drive it all day long if I could.

Skipper was kind enough to end his 15 hour work day talking to us about the cars he is working on and the ones of the past. He necessarily doesn’t work on Euros 24/7 and does the occasional oil change on a Ford Taurus. But I snapped a few pictures of what I thought to be some of the nicest cars I’ve seen in a while.