Cummins V8 Diesel coming to Nissan Titan


The mighty Cummins Diesel is giving truck aficionados something to foam about.

The powerful V8 engine has more than 300 horsepower and over 500 lb-ft of torque. It will be a part of Nissan’s next generation Titan pick-up, the company announced recently.

The Cummins will make the Titan the most powerful half-ton pickup truck on the market.

With so much power and potential, is this new engine an indication that Nissan is perhaps preparing to transition into the heavy-duty truck market?

Nissan spokesperson Dan Bedore had no comment but did say that the public should think something similar to “heavy half” machines of the ’70s.

Although Cummins has worked extensively with Nissan to integrate the engine into the new Titan model, Chrysler was first to use the V8 in its Ram line. However, the attempt ended in 2008 and that is when Nissan picked up the pieces. Nissan also picked up Chrysler exec Fred Diaz, who originally announced that Nissan would be using the Cummins at the Nissan 360 event earlier this year.