My First Car: 1992 Ford F250


We were recently told that the Ford F250 is the most stolen vehicle in the country, but I can bet you that no one would steal the one that was my first car. I couldn’t wait to get out on the road when I turned 16, and more importantly I couldn’t wait to get my first car. I had my heart set on a 2 door Chevy Tahoe, but they were more than I could afford at the time and I had to save up some dough before I could get one. The alternative? A 1992 Ford F250 that cost $200. That’s right. $200. And it was the best $200 I have ever spent. Or my dad has ever spent.

This was a great deal. It was dark navy blue with a big chrome front bumper. The body was in decent shape considering its age and the nasty New England winters it went through. It had a newer engine, a 351 at that, with roughly 50,000 miles on it. Big Blue was only two-wheel drive, which totally sucked in the winter. One cool thing that it had was two fuel tanks, but I remember only one worked. I would try to switch over to the second tank and the truck would just die. Gas back then was around $1.60 a gallon and I would always fill up for cheap and then burn the fuel right away cruising down the street, doing burnouts, or giving people lawn jobs. Enough said.

This was a trusty truck that gave a lot great memories. Other than a new alternator that my father and I put in, it didn’t need much work. Patching up some rust, putting in a new rear window latch, and welding on a custom exhaust were the extent of the things I did to this truck.

I had it about a year, and it was finally time to let her go when I found my Tahoe. We ended up sending it to the auction and got $700 for it. Not a bad little profit. Check out this picture of me doing a brake stand with it in the town forest. Good times.