Boston woman pays $560,000 for tandem parking spaces


Have you heard about this yet? A Boston woman paid $560,000 for tandem parking spaces in the posh Back Bay neighborhood.

The previous owner owed the IRS back taxes of about $600,000 which led the spots to be auctioned off which turned into a bidding war between two neighbors. Comparable spots in the Back Bay sell for $180,000-300,000 according to published MLS data. The lucky bidder, Lisa Blumenthal, didn’t expect the bidding to go so high, according to the Boston Globe. She expects to use the spaces for “guests and workers.” At the very least, Tom and Lisa Blumenthal, who own a nearby Commonwealth Avenue property valued at $5.8m, are generous cultural philanthropists in Boston, supporting the New England Conservatory, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Boston Ballet. Thank you for also supporting the IRS.